Ella Bella Bingo (78 x 7′ preschool)

Posted on Mar 15, 2015 in Feature & Series
Ella Bella Bingo (78 x 7′ preschool)


“Ella Bella Bingo is about charismatic, creative Ella, and the playful kids and eccentric adults in her life. It’s a warm, humorous, high-energy mix of fun and laughter with a uniquely child-like visual style.”

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Article about the series (in Danish): Fokus på skandinavisk kultur og læring for de yngste.


Status: Complete

Type: TV-series and online

Danish Title: Ellevilde Ella

Format: 78 x 7′ HD

Style: 2D Digital Animation

Production: Kool Produktions AS in co-production with NRK Super and Happy Flyfish

Web: www.sunshinekathy.com

iPad App: Go to AppStore

Supported by: MEDIA, Norwegian Film Institute, Nordisk Film & TV Fund, Filmpuljen

Pre-sale broadcasters: NRK Super and DR Ramasjang

Contact: Frank Mosvold, Kool Produktions AS, www.kool.no

Distribution: CAKE Entertainment